said it best.

I honestly could not find words yesterday, thinking about the shooting in Colorado.
so many emotions, not enough words. they would have all blurred together in an angry mess.
luckily my sister has quite the knack for finding the right words to say, in any situation.
she and her husband, and his sister live 8 miles from the theater, and wellllll. I'll just let you read what she said, cause she said it best.


anyways, onto some more randoms.
firstly. I am SO excited to start M.A. school. (medical assisting) liiiiiike. for real. I loved anything to do with medicine/anatomy in high school, and this is basically just .... a YEAR OF THAT.
Well, from what I understand... hahaha.

secondly. there is no secondly, cause I'm honestly so hungry I can't find words.
ok bye!

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