Love the life you live.

on my 18th birthday, my sister gave me a ring.
a simple ring with a flat silver "head". It says "Love the life you live" on the outside, and then when I take it off, it says "live the life you love" on the inside.

I wear it on my left ring finger. it ain't no promise ring, well actually in a way it is. to no one in particular.
I was thinking about it one day, LOVE the life you live.
we are all given the life we have for a reason, obviouslyyyy.
No matter what hard times your going through, just remember your life was given to you by a father who loves you.
I am blessed enough to live a life that isn't hard to love. it's so EASY to love, because of the people in it and the Gospel I know is true.

So I wear this ring on my finger to remember love the life I live, until someone comes along who loves my life too, in which case I will slip this ring off and slide on a whoooole other kind of ring.
a whole different reminder that I am blessed, and I should love my life.


  1. i had the same exact ring and loved it but lost it where did you get yours?

    1. I got mine from my sister, but I THINK she got it at Target!