Lemonade Stands. two thumbs up.

I am a huge support of Lemonade stands, guys.
Kids ages 5 to 17 (realism) standing out in the hot sun, waiting for those rare good Samaratins to stop and pay (extra if you're nice like me) for either too sour, or too sugary, lemonade.

in some cases, you may be poisoned, or THINK you have been poisoned, so you get sick since you let that get to your head. (or if you're like my mom, just dump it right out once you get around the corner)

but hey.
you made a child very happy, and helped them get that much closer to the Barbie or Pokemon card they've been eying. (or a trip to Disneyland or an Easybake Oven or a puppy or their own personal sparklers)

can't even WAIT to have tiny humans of my own, so I can help them run their own lil lemonade stand.
or in the case of the adorable little girl this morning, Willy Wonka's  WHOLE Chocolate Factory, plus Dr. Pepper and Rootbeer.

I think we'll stick with Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and Lemonade. (orig & Rasberry)
all planned out, guys. all planned out.


(I hope no one bites my head off for taking this off Pinterest. THERE WAS NO LINK ATTACHED.)

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  1. I saw a lemonade stand today that looked like it came right off of a Pinterest board. Sadly, it was unmanned (or unchilded), so I didn't stop. *sigh*