la vita e buona

I just woke up from a Sunday nap. And I just remembered a dream.
In that dream, I was talking to someone about a subject that's been bugging me. what I said was QUITE a profound, and wise solution that I didn't know I had. but I guess "dream holly" had the answer.
BAM. sunday inspired.
and that kids, is why we take sunday naps.

Today has been supreme so far. Held the cutest baby in the world all through sunday school, hung out with the cutest toddler in the world (the relation is just a coincidence....) during third hour, and got home to take a LOVELY  NAP.
And I didn't even feel like a piece 'a' hud when I awoke.

Emily comes home from St. George today (only been two days and I already miss her. NEVER MOVE AWAY)
and JILL COMES TONIGHT! just for a visit. but a visit's a visit.

la vita e buona.

also, I'm going camping this week.
bring it on, dirt.

have a happy wonderful lovely sunday!

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