its in the plan

I just need to blog a little, cause I'm quite sick of coming to my blog and seeing that big blue thing. it just throws off the ambiance. (sometimes I put words into a sentence that SOUND like they should make sense, but really don't. ambiance? you tell me.)

ok. lets talk about how awesome Heavenly Father is. and how, darn it, there is a plan.

Fires. They are terrible and scary, but they are trials like every other rough thing.
But like all other trials, those flames were in the plan.

We pray and pray and pray for rain.
and pray some more.
and tell people to pray.
and pray for the people effected.
and even if the sky stays blue and the sun beats down, we keep 'a' prayin.

then on the 4th of July, clouds threaten. and we be like... "dang. well, I love fireworks, but we need rain." (I wasn't about to complain. no sir)
and then it DOESN'T RAIN.
but then the next day, it rains all day.
and then it stops while I do my big family photoshoot
and then a monsoon steps in for a good ten minutes.
(Wait, did I just step outside or did I jump in a pool? no one would know. (ok ok I stepped outside))

so, God is good. and he absolutely positively knows what he's doing.

Even if things get scary, or sad or crazy, just never lose that hope and faith and trust in God's plan.