In case it is unclear to anyone... (EH HEMMMM JILL) that last post, and that pin board, was for Jessy, who just said goodbye to her best friend for two years.
It tough stuff. (I've said it before. they need to write a book for girls.)
so yeah. that's that.

Um. I'm not going to talk about the hour I just wasted.
I was in a real bad mood during that hour. When I get hot, I get super cranky. cause who doesn't?
But then I cooled off a tiny bit, and all of a sudden I had this burst of LOVE.
for who? I don't know. everyone.

I'm still tired and pretty uhhh... cranky pants status.

I'm gonna go write a letter now. I think it's time.
nothing unusual about that. I just felt like being dramatic.


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