honestly pointless

Something about Rainy days makes me want to Sew.
and watch Newsies.

poor little brother. living in my shadow, knowing every word to Carryin' the Banna and Santa Fe. and others.
I love Christian Bale.

I'm in the midst of crafting up my Etsy shop. PLEASE BUY STUFF FROM ME. hahahaha. just kidding. If no one buys it, I'll just keep it all for myself. shm.

MAN. I have just had nothing exciting or interesting to blog about lately. Like, no weird insights on life, no new hobbies or experiences. BLEH.

hahaha. I LOVE SUMMER. and I suuuure do LOVE not having a job.
right now.
I feel the boredom creeping slowly up...

OK. gonna go watch some more Newsies now.


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