el random

oh, I'm so content with life.
the freedom, the people, the food.

so listen. Does anyone like the name Myra? like my-ruh.

I like Rollos and Popcorn. together.

I have joined the world of "Friends". like, the TV show. I think I already had friends... hahaha. but really. Every night at 12, I'm on the couch laughing my face off. Team Ross.

My DEAR DEAR sister is moving back to UTAHHHH! do you know what this means?! IT MEANS SHE'S MOVING BACK TO UTAH.

My brother from another mother is coming home in 3 months. COLE.

I went swimming AND hot tubbing tonight with my baaast fraaands. it was just too much fun.

I can't wait to have a whole house of my own to decorate.

I could watch The Avengers erryday, guys. erryday. MMMMMMM Thor.

I love Payson.

I'm doing a completely Vintage photoshoot of Kaari and Kory McIntire next week. do you guys get how awesome that is gonna be? If you haven't, you probably don't know the beauty of Kaari and the completely amaaaazing style of Kory. (we're talking classy, vintage, cary grant, newsies, with a HINT of hipster. but we don't say that around him.)
anyways I'm stoked.

ok, that's about all the words I can muster today!

have a nice one, y'all.

Here's some peectures.

A bow like the ones I shall be selling!

skyping with jillers on the fourth!

Watching That Thing You Do with the mac family. OH IT'S THE BEST. 

I want thor babies.

mom and sams.

the ponddd!

 delightful fabric.

before I left to take my math test. 

Yessy and Kory after swimming and hot tubbin'! just missing alex in this lovely picture.

headed to the damfam party.

always butting in when amanda babysits. hahaha.

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