Yeah, I don't really feel like putting pictures up.
that would require reaching behind me, opening the little hatch, poppin out my memory card, poppin it in my computer, exiting out of all the programs that it opens, going to the memory card file, dragging and dropping the pictures to my Denver folder, uploading them on my blog.

WAY too much work for me.
hahahahahaa. you're welcome for that tutorial.

this week is almost to an end! tomorrow is our last day in the lovely Denver, man. It's sad stuff. SAD. stuff.
but then again, I miss my mom, samson and bear. so yeah.

shout out to my seester JILL for being so awesome. she carts us around wherEVER we want to go, and we always have a blast!! last night was the Rockies game, and it was fuuuuuun.
I'll put up a buttload of pictures later. probably tomorrow, cause it's the first day we don't have grand plans.
We're going to see a movie, and then swimming! and making scotch-a-roos for the CO SPRINGS dweller. it just seems such a waste to be 45 minutes away from him, and not send him some baked goods. you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

I'm gonna go have my nightly pomegranate Popsicle.

good day.

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