pre-birthdayyy party time.

Callie's Cafe with the family. Waitress spills diet coke on me. don't CARE!
Flower shopping with papa at Lowes. it's my favorite thing. fragrant AND fun. (sshhh. didn't just say that.)
Swimming even though it's windy and raining. don't care, again!
Paradise Bakery with my favorite girls. and a short walk at the pond. LOVE. happiness and love.
Farrs with East and friends. (after a 2-block-lastin meltdown about the mission) yum.
Deciding to do something crazy at midnight with Jessy...
Driving to Saratoga to my sister's condo and jumping in the pool with our clothes on... yeeeah. we live on the edge, people.

It was seriously the best pre-birthday celebration ever. Let the Sunday birthday fun begin!!


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  1. AHH FUUUUUN!!!!!!! Jealous that you went to Callie's!