last words

I've decided.
If you build yourself up, thinking something is gonna be bad bad bad, it'll ACTUALLY be A-OK.

Me and Jess drove to Easton's with butterflies in our tummies, but we got there and hung out for a few minutes like usual. We talked about that magical 3 days when we liked each other sophomore year, (hahahaha) and he showed me this AMAZING video.
and when we said goodbye, it just felt like we were gonna see him next week.

I'm not one to get all heart-felt (in person) plus he already read that sent-ee-ment-al blog post about him. So instead of going that direction, I choose humor.
My mom is the same. (or I guess... I'm the same as my mom)
We don't like being serious unless we have to be. In rough situations, where a friend or family member is having a hard time, I may not know the right thing to say, but I know how to make them laugh.

SO. point. When me and Jess stood at the doorway about to leave, I gave East a big hug and said "AAUUUUUGHH. easton." (picture Rod on Hotrod saying "AUUGHHH. Kathy" )
and then I whispered with the perfect lisp in his ear...
"Do you want fries with that?" (name that movie. now)

and we laughed instead of crying.
in fact, I think JESSY was closer to crying than I. the girl with the heart of stone. hahaha. just kidding.
I am just so dang proud of Easton.
but you already knew that.

So there you have it folks, the last words I spoke to Elder Easton Ole Smith.
(not counting the random jibber jabber "goodbyes" and "good lucks" that followed.)
not important.

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