Kids say the darndest things.

So usually at events, the kids love me. right? not to brag, they just do. and I love them back!
But tonight, Samson stole the spotlight.
But this time, it was for the good. I am now an engaged woman. yes, yes it is true. in roughly 14 years, Elijah and I will be wed. Couldn't be happier, yo. All this because Samson is such a kid magnet. (I'm ok with the fact that the proposal was because of my dog)

ohhh... keep in mind, this child has olive skin, PLUS he can't say his R's. makes for great conversation. seriously.
Eli: I'm gonna move next door to you! ... wait... are you married?
Me: Nope!
Eli: I'm gonna marry YOU!
Me: alright! when? do you wanna wait till you're a little taller? maybe go on a mission?
Eli: yeah...
Me: what if someone wants to marry me though?
Eli: you have to trick them that you're married. Just tell them you're already  married!
Me: ok, sounds good. I'll trick them

Me: are you gonna get a job?
Eli: yeah. I'm gonna buy stuff!
(we're guessing he'll be a good investor)
Me: oh ok!
Eli: Yeah, I have to pay for the house..

Eli: The dogs can get married and have puppies and you can keep one and I can keep one! But you can sell yours if you want.

man, so much was said. love was in the AIR!
hahaha but really, I love kids. So much. I cannot WAIT to have nieces and nephews! (I say that, because there is no way in hale I am getting murried, let alone having kids any time soon)
but really. I go CRAZY at the baby gap. I just wanna buy everything in sight. (and if I had nieces and nephews to spoil, I so would. will.)

ANOTHER funny kid story. So I babysit my little macey, right? and I went out to get some dessert with Kelsey, her mom the other day.
She told me that they were driving passed my house, and the conversation went something like this..
Macey: Mom, is holly a grown-up like you?
Kelsey: yep!
Macey: Then why does she still live with her mom and dad?
Kelsey then explained how I'm in college and living away is expensive, etc.
Macey: MOM. I have an idea. We will make a milkshake stand, and we will give all the money to holly so she can move out of her house.

Man, so thoughtful of that 5-year-old to care so much for my social life! Love her to pieces.

Moral of the story.... 5-year-olds rock.

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