it's a lovely thought

This is just the best thought ever, from the lovely Carlee's blog! I've never thought of things this way. Love it.

"...brother robbin's words from institute last week - our future children are up in heaven cheering us on through everything. when we're doing what is best, they're up there "YEAH! thats my mom right there!" they are always watching over us. they know me, and i know them. even though the veil is stopping me from remembering them."

Just like watchin' a movie.
I bet they're laughin their faces off at me, man.

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  1. but isn't it so true? its crazy when you think a little deeper into the eternal plan...that our families were created up in heaven and our kids are just waiting to be able to join us in the race to the finish line...and they're cheering us on the whole way.