I'm tired.

it's the only word I can blubber out right now.
I have a nasty habit of repeatedly announcing when I... A. have to pee. or B. am tired.
So, I'm tired.
Last night, me and Jessy couldn't just stop after watching the first X- Men willy nilly, (and especially at the early hour of 12:30). so we watched the second one.
yeah didn't make it through.
(lets all agree here and now, that James Mardsten, although having beautiful eyes, could go through life and be just FINE with his eyes covered. on account of... his smile. nuff said.)

I would like to say that staying awake till 2:30 is my reason for being tired, which WOULD be considered pathiiiiic.
but I think these long summer days are just gettin' to me, man.
After a nice little trip of bird-watching down to the lake with mother Jo, and a quick trip to Target to get a damn shower curtain liner thing, a WAAAAAVE of straight... fatigue hit me like a... tidal wave.
seriously though. near tears.

Also, today at Emily's pool, I went to try and push Jessy in, but her ninja defenses took over and my thumb bent BACK like a folded piece of paper, and I laughed. but then my WACKY wimpy weenie pathetically low paint tolerance took over, and I was sitting on the edge of the pool with that horrible terrible hellish about-to-pass-out feeling.
seriously, it just feels like death. that's all.
I think I sprained my thumb.
we're gonna go with that.

Sorry if I see you and I don't give you a thumbs up.

I'm going to sleep now.
cause I'm tired.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. I have a job interview tomorrow.
All 11:11 and shooting star wishes would be gloriously appreciated.

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