the hood that raised me

I love Wards. I LOVE knowing my neighbors.
I was reading Stephanie Nielson's book, "Heaven is Here" and she was talking about how when she moved to New Jersey, the neighbors didn't know each other, and they weren't too friendly.

I cannot IMAGINE not knowing my neighbors. I love living Utah, where the majority of the neighborhood are members, so we all know and love each other.

My neighbors helped raise me, man.
-I went to the Robison's to get my nails done every so often, ALWAYS begging for the fake nails. It was always walk-ins for me. I still feel at home at the Robison's. I love the smell of nail polish and remover now, because that's where I spent a lot of time as a wee little one.
-Dianne, our next-door neighbor would sometimes pull out her huuuge treasure chest of things she brought home from when she visited (or lived in?) Peru. and of course, her overgrown backyard was our playground.
-I occasionally played with Angela Wang, my old neighbor to the left, and I was always jealous of her beauteeful colorful beaded dress from China. or Japan. or maybe Korea. no, I'm pretty sure it was China.
-The house across the culdesac was avoided as often as possible. scary people. scary scary.
-The neighbor across the street (she was about 17 when I was little) had a shiny red jeep, and she would take me on rides with the doors off (what a thrill to my wild child self!) down by the lake!
-The OTHER neighbor across the street has a forest as a backyard. nuff said.
-The Nielson's house was there, for no particular reason. Just to maybe hang out sometimes and watch Zena the Warrior Princess. I can still remember the smell.
-I lived at the Gillman's, Cade being my best friend and all. we would had three favorite movies; The Wizard of Oz (we would run and hide at the part with the Witch) The Disneyland Movie, (um. just a tour of Disneyland. it was basically like we were there.(we would hide at the haunted mansion part. I still get anxious when I go there) and that one WEIRD movie with the muppet...weird... people..creatures. something about a crystal? help me out here..
-Marissa was my best friend, so a lot of time was spent at the Unbedachts in their little playroom, and watching Saturday's Warrior.
-Jessie Tolman and I played dress-up. A LOT. 
-The Larteys. ohhh the Larteys. me and Hannah had twinner dresses, and it was where I first saw the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" (...Louis... meet me at the fair.) AND "While You Were Sleeping" which are nowwww two of my favorite movies. ANYONE remember those yellow .. bike things they had?! Boss.

I'm soooo grateful for the childhood I had, surrounded by the people I had.
In the town homes of my ward, there's a little "court yard" area, and every friday night is potluck/ movie night! I invited myself to the fun tonight, and it was seriously the best. surrounded by fun people, and a ton of little kids running around. Those kids are gonna look back on their childhood like me, and love it too!

Summer. will. be . fantastic!
one day till Denver!
see you on the flip side!

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