home sweet home

I'm so happy, I could CRY.

I had so much fun in Colorado. SO Much fun. I love and am SO grateful for Jill for taking us allllll over Colorado for all the fun and games! And for Woody for putting up with having 4 women in the house for a week :) it was seriously so fun. and I'll blog about alla the stuff we did later, but now I just want to bask in the fact that I'm home.

Pap's is making Baby Back Ribs
I got a letter from my best friend, Easton, and it made me SO happy to hear how he's doing so well.
I love the familiar mountains here, hugging the valley.
I LOVE MY DOG. and my mom. (very focused on Angry Birds at the moment.)
and my dog nephew. (punk. he just heard the word "burger" and went to the kitchen)
I love my Dad's big bald head, and my little brother's cute wittle face.
I almost love construction (symbolism)

I love Colorado, but I LOVE Utah.
It's home.

Happy day, to all.

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