Holly's 5 favorite blogskerdoodles

I am learning to embrace words such as "blogger" and  "blog stalker" and... yeh.

Here are a few of my FAAAAVORITE blogs to read.

1. I have recently discovered C. Jane Kendrick and holy canoly, do I love. She reminds me of me, in some ways. just spunky, outgoing, cray cray. LOVE her vlogs, I laugh my bootay off. It's a blog worth reading. She's just a down-to-earth Provo Native. love it.

2. and then we have C. Jane's sister, Nie Nie. I'm SURE you have heard of her. (or hear me rant about how awesome she is) She is PRETTY MUCH Wonder Woman. More faith in her whole body than I have in my pinky finger...nail. I truly hope everyone knows her story, cause it is honestly an inspiration. PLUS. her style is downright fabulous. and so is her book.

3. This hilarious woman just so happens to be my dear sister. She's a map-crazy, HP lovin' teacher of Jr. High Students, which in my personal opinions gives you AUTOMATIC brownie points for ... life. Her sense of humor is all over the place, in a good way. So very very comical, that Emily is.

4. Here we have Sarah, from Wearing It On My Sleeves. Another charming, down-to-earth Provo gal. It's a fashion blog, which I'm usually not a HUGE fan of. but her thriftiness and creativity just kills me. SO lovely, guys. so lovely. (plus she tweets me back sometimes so I feel like she's super genuine. hahaha)

5. Once upon a time, a pretty big blogger commented on one of my posts. I felt flattered, cause I had no idea whooooo she was. and then I forgot about her blog. but THEN I remembered it. and she is... big surprise... a provo person. haha. cute style, cute little wife. go on and join The Crowley Party

SOOO there you have it.
I read a lot of blogs, all those on the left of this page.
I'm an avid blog-stalker.
but I just thought I'd share a few of my favorites!

Happy fathers day to all you papa's out there!! including my own even though I know he won't read this :)

Stay excellent!

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  1. \oh my \GOsh I feel honored! \i'm in the top 5!?! I'm typing on a weird british keyboard, hence the \\ things that shouldn't be there. I |heart you!