glorious old stuff

You know, I just feel like no one donated an 11:11 wish to my cause.
jusssssssssssst kidding. but I hate interviews, and they just reassure me of how awkward a REALLY am.

Today is for Callie's Cafe, Antique Stores, and baby photoshoot planning.
I'll be real with you... I usually hate newborn shoots. I don't think I even have them on my website, cause usually it's awk sauce.
but this is a special case. this is CREW.
got ma prop suitcase filled up, and I'm ready to roll!
.... in 6 hours.

ok back to the antique thing.  I DISCOVERED A NEW STORE. I have passed it a MILLION times, but never noticed what it was! it's an antique MALL, guys. a mall. that means it's big.
and full of photoshoot props and possibilities and glorious old stuff.

And for those of you who haven't been to Callie's Cafe, particularly for breakfast, just go right now. If you feel like you've been flu-powdered into North Carolina or Georgia or something, that's ok. but you haven't. but just pretend. 

OH Jill is coming tonight too!!
good day.

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