close but not really.

Today was wonderful, my darlings. 
We headed down to Garden of the Gods. which is basically, as Jill described it, "St. George in the middle of Colorado"
just like, towers of red rock. in the middle of all this GREEN. 
(beautiful, beautiful green)

now listen. Allen, my good great friend, whom I write faithfully as often as I can, just got transferred to Colorado Springs. and that, my friends, is right where we were. 
talk about WEEEEEEEEIRD.
Luckily the slim chances that I'd see him didn't work out in my favor. well, or my not favor, cause I probably would have run and hid. Seeing the little cutie and not being able to give him a huuug?
no thank you, sir.

SO that adventure was rother joyous and stuff. 
close one. whew.
(but not really close one. like I said, slim chances)

I got some lovely pictures! enjoy.

baby cloud

bad choice of shoesies.

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