cheers to mista smith (getting sentimental up in hur)

When Breton left, I was just scared of the sadness. I was freaking out, because I talked to him every single day and I thought I would just DIE without him there to text.
But the goodbye was surprisingly easy. easy peasy, in fact.
I dunno what it was, but there were no tears. (ok there were tears 3 hours later. but then I was fine)

This goodbye has not been so kind, and it hasn't even happened.
Easton has been my very best friend since 9th grade.
We met in student council, and we juuuuust clicked. Best friends. (a crush included, of course)
Through high school, we stayed that way. but we weren't the kind of friends that talked and hung out every day. it was the kind where you just knew the other was there, and would always be there.
You know, I talked him through girl probs and he talked me through all soorrtts of probs.
He took me to prom Jr. Year and it was A BLAST. what a guy.

Honestly, he is my favorite human being. 
He is a genuinely nice guy. SO spiritual. an amazing example. he always gives the best down-to-earth advice. he doesn't judge (me). he is HILARIOUS. a real hoot 'n' a half. never lets me down. sooo easy to talk to and get along with.

so even though we don't talk 24/7, Easton has just always been there.
and now he goin' miles and MILES away. so that's just weird. and sad. and great.

He will be THE BEST Missionary. like, I can't even explain to you all how great he will be.
I already plan to name my son after him. (it's not weird. I've told him this. hahaha)

Cheers to 5 years of friendship. Love you East!

Good luck, braw!

He obviously won ... 9th grade king? King of 9th grade? what IS that title?

trying to be coo.

staying after school. I think he got in trouble for this time. haha

weeee like to sing.

LAGOON DAYYYY. right on.

PROM! great times.

Old Navy Shirts FOREVER.
And then we graduated. weird.

aaaand then the mission call came. weirder. 

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  1. I only got a LITTLE teary reading this. Love it so much. He will be so fantastic!!!