sweet one who birthed me

My heart hurts for people who don't have good relationships with they mamas.

I feel SO grateful to have a mom who I get along with. we is like peas and carrots.
why? because
she isn't psycho.
she isn't really super strict.
she's hilarious.
everyone loves her.
she's sensible.
she gives good advice.
she laughs at me when I'm bein' a weirdo.
she's patient as patient gets.
she supports me in whatever I do.
I can talk to her about anythaaaang.
she tells a tasteful amount of dirty jokes. hahaha (possibly the most important)

I don't know a sane person on the earth who knows Jo and doesn't absolutely love her.
I've said this before, but the best sentence any daughter can hear is "I love your mom!" and believe me, I hear it often.
It was always the best up at girls camp. She'd be up there speaking in front of the whole stake, whether it was a serious talk or a funny skit, and I'd sit in the audience just BEAMING with pride for that lady!
I don't know what I would do without my mom. honestly, she's my hero. She's everything I want to grow up and be. everythiiiing.
Possibly one of the best things, is how comfortable everyone is around her. she is a mom to more than just me and my 4 siblings. she's a mama of the hood.


to mygrandmas... thank you for being so awesome. and raising such amazaaazing people as greggers and Jo. the ULTIMATE mothers... is who you are. cause they turned out pretty daayyyum awesome.

 Oh, and since it takes a village to raise a child...
a shout out to all of my other mothers.
I literally have 8 "mama ......."'s in my phone.
You all know who you are, because I call you mama. (except Dana. I just call you Dana, but you are obviously one of my many mothers)
I love you all so much, and I'm grateful for your examples in my life!

Happy Mothers Day one and all!!!

thanks aunt barb, for the sweet hook-up!
turned out pretty great I think. 


  1. haha this took me back to junior high and all the many times spent at your house with your caaraaazy mother. and i definitely agree that there is no humanly possible way for someone to know that woman and not absolutely love her! happy mothers day to her!

    1. car that is so sweet!! thanks! she issss pretty boss :) haha

  2. I am a bawl baby! (Happy Mothers day??) I love your mom too. Your mom is the bomb.