personal finals week

This week... it was like my own personal finals week.
Seriously. I already said this kinda, but really, the only time I have been at my house is for sleep.
I am so. SICK. of being places.
Jessy's room turned out ADORABLE. so cute and happy and bright.
pictures to come.
so that's done.
I got the bridal shower invites MAILED.
and my photoshoots are still there, hanging over my head, calling my name.

we have some good news here though, called... I have NO responsibility tomorrow.
you have no idea how happy I am. no photoshoots, no NOTHIN.

I mean, I'll probably have to work on editing. but I can lay in my bed and watch movies at the same time, so I'm down.

glory bee. I'm happy.
and. everyone (jessy and eassttonnn) are home sweet home :)
I am quite looking forward to bonding time.

ok, Bones time, people.

happy friday!

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