not a hoarder

I have been working for 5 hours, and my room still isn't clean.
a deep clean is what it needs, and a deep clean is what it'll get!
through my WHOLE life, I have had a problem with leaving my stuff laying around. around the whole house.
at more than a few points in my life, my mom has said, "that's it! whatever I find of yours laying around, I'm ... either A: throwing it in the garage or B: hiding it" (those threats would vary between the two)

then one day, she had a brilliant idea. (or so she thought) to buy baskets for mine and Isaac's stuff that needs to stay where we can easily get it. (school stuff, car stuff, etc.)
these baskets are nice-looking, and flat. expecting to hold just papers and stuff.
but mine always seems to pile about 8 inches above the height of the basket.
Jewelry, camera things, papers, business cards, more jewelry, pictures, ETC. so much stuff.

this is no good.
I'm not a hoarder guys, I just... have a lot of  stuff.
I make a lot of stuff for my walls, they are covered. WHAT, may I ask will become of my treasures when I do move out?!
man, I hate growing up.

I guess we'll just cross that bridge when we come to it, and I'll have to control myself when I feel the urge to make yet ANOTHER wall decoration. and... buying antiques.

I must be off now, children.


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