no compromise

There are just a few things in my world that allow no compromise.
things that no matter how pricey, I won't settle for anything else.

1. Pens
Well, at least as far as journal-writing goes. it has to be a nice pen. a nice smooth inky pen. they cost like, $3.50 for two of them. ouch. but I'm just not willing to give that up. every page in my journal has to be filled with smooth black inky writing. and that is that.
2. Tampons
I won't go into detail. but I will always pay more for the nicer brand. it's just worth it.
3. Guacamole
I love it, I love it. it is pretty durn expensive, but I just can't live without it. sacrifice for those lovely avocados. (or "abocados" as macey would say)
4. Body wash
"Into the Wild" I believe it is called.. a Bath & Body scent, that I will never scrub without.
5. Target.
 It can be expensive, and at the moment confusing, but I will NEVER be a Walmart person. that doesn't mean I'll never go to Walmart, cause some things you just have to go Walmart for (like tacky lingerie, sweats, goldfish, and maybe the occasional 5 dollar movie) but Target is my one true love. my second home. my other half.
6. Bras
well, to tell you the truth, it's not a problem with me personally. I was the blessed one in the family. but we don't compromise on 'em over here. Victoria's Secret all the way.
7. Which brings me to Panties
THANKS A LOT HANNAH. I will not ever again buy pantie packages, ever since you introduced me to VS. I live for the Semi-annual. it's not good for my wallet. this is one I wish I could fix, but I can't seem to.
8. Mascara. Lashblast. nothing else. ever.

...ok that's about all I can muster for the day!
how was THAT for a random post?
hope you enjoyed.
happy monday. (but really, what monday is happy?)

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  1. You are precious. So good to see you at good ol' Target!!