midnight snack

sometimes we forget to put food in Samson's bowl. he reminds us by waiting till the wee hours of midnight, and then he empties whatever trashcans he can. for some reason, mine was the lucky one.
oh, but he doesn't eat the food. pretzels just aren't his thing so he leaves them on the carpet. and he couldn't open that darn package of tortillas, (heaven knows how he got those) so he just left them on the floor of the family room.
he DID managed to rip the package of hersheys kisses (don't know where THOSE came from) but I guess the cherry filling didn't tickle his fancy. those, too, were scattered on the floor.

no wonder he came to the door all cute and happy when I got home. (that never happens when mother is in the house)

sorry we forgot to feed you dude, try not to overreact next time.

k thanks.

ps we are still best friends.

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