its whatevs

Sometimes I accidentally volunteer my friends and I to help with food for the senior all nighter.
this definitely makes us look like super seniors. but I'm over it.

I ate WAY too much junk food WAY too late at night / early in the morning. We left the place at 4, but then drove around till 5:15 (I was too impatient to wait for the sun to rise) (ps. when i say "we" I'm talking about me and jessy. alex was involved in the early hours of the morn.)

This morning, I woke up and felt like hell. (Sorry if anyone hates that I use that word too much. just stop reading this if you do) Watched Pearl Harbor with jess, went to salt lake, got some jamabas, went to target and now I'm HOME. in bed. for ev er.

Have you ever been so tired that the smallest thing sets you off and you just lose it? That just happened.
what a cry baby.

I'm going to go ahead and find a comfort show to watch now...

happy summer!

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