I got stuff to say

1. I love this background on my blog. and the header.
2. happy birthday AMY! love you baby. I could not survive my work weeks without you.
3. Easton has been my best friend for 4 years, and he leaves on a mission in 2 weeks. I'm already sad. sadder than any other missionary leaving. he'll do amazing! but I'm still sad. hahaha.
4. I just laughed for an hour straight. The Smith family will do that to ya.
5. I don't like Lily on Modern Family. I looooved her when she was just a tiny thing, but man has she gotten to be a brat.
6. I hate "YOLO"... sure. yes. you only live once. but how bout try and be real. k.
7. I have 5 photoshoots to edit. although that may sound like, "oh cool! you're makin money! you're buildin' that portfolio!" it's really more like "Ok, I need to edit this shoot before this shoot, but this one is too hard to edit, oh and I'm overdue for that one and I need to finish this one and blah blah blah"
no bueno.
8. This week has worn me out. I'm done. and I feel nasty nast. 
9.  Grey's Anatomy was retarded last week. and I'm guessing even more retarded this week. I'm probably gonna put off watching it till... forever.
10. this will probably be my favorite picture for a while.

Happy Friday, one and all.


  1. i HATE yolo. so freaking much. and don't feel super rushed with my family pics :) as long as they're done by June 13th, i'm a happy woman.

    that picture is adorable by the way.

  2. Holly. Just watch Grey's you know you want to!!!!!! But here's EXACTLY how you have to watch it:
    Step 1: Turn off your cell phone, and your ipod. You're going to want to be left alone for this episode
    Step 2: Get a pint (or a gallon if you REALLY want to pig out) of ice cream and take it down to your room. Watch it on you're computer, seriously
    Step 3: Let the tears flow freely
    Step 4: You can scream, but only at the end.
    Step 5: Only after you are finished with the ENTIRE episode, then you may turn on your cell phone and text jessy and I.

    Hope this helps!!! :) :) :)