I fell

Oh brother. I fell tonight. (did you think this was gonna be like "I fell... in love"... hahaha cause that's what the title sounds like a little bit.)
and I wasn't even on wheels.
there was  little secret curb, I didn't see it, my feet bent back where they weren't supposed to.
skinned.... ok... I'm at a loss for words. It's like, the corner where my foot meets my leg. so not my ankle, just north of my ankle. WHAT is that called?
anyways.. just as long as nothing happened to my achilles tendon, I'm good.
(I have a HUGE phobia of things touching it, or hurting it. like, it freaks me out and makes me feel icky just thinking about it.)
anyways. it hurts. and the middle of my calf is starting to hurt now. wtf. I'm just a clutz, y'all. 

OH. Know what else I have a huge phobia of? ummm MOLD.
I kid you not, I freak out WAY worse when I see mold on food, than when I see a spider or anything.
I. do not. know why.
Yesterday I went to eat some strawberries... WHITE. mold. I almost threw up.
I freaked. and this is not an exaggeration. (oh, another holly fact. I cannot for the LIFE of me spell the word exaggeration on my own. what would I be without spell check? embarrassed.)

WELL. I finally got Allen's package finished and sealed on up, just 4 days late but whatever. it's stuffed with food of all sorts, so he won't complain.

That Breton fella, remember him? Yeah he has dropped off the face of the earth. or into the puget sound. No emails, not letters, no nothin. I'll still be sendin' him a tie and some fooooood as well. I have come to understand that food is all missionaries want... am I right?
If not, give me some suggestions!

Do you all know, how DANG ready I am for school/work to be over? I legitimately can't stand it anymore. I go and sit and doodle and daydream to pass the days.

I am however, going to miss a few of my favorite kids. I may cry, just for them.
Bless their hearts.

BY THE WAY. if you would like to know how the cleanse turned out, go here
people, that kind of diet may be worth it for some people, but it AIN'T worth it for this girl.
I was shaking and lightheaded most of the day.
I'd rather just work out and eat healthy. but I cannot do JUST fruit.
man, just.... no.

ok! here are some pictures of my life lately.

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  1. I L-O-L-ed for like five minutes just by reading the title. I know this is rude, but I laugh so much when people fall down!