I can't think of a title. again.

It's haling. that wasn't my attempted at sounding like a black person.
although, I do say that quite often.

Just some thoughts. I find it easier to number the thoughts going through my brain.

1. My Jill is married. yep. she is. ew.
2. It's haling. I love it.
3. I'm going to miss my students SO DANG MUCH. honestly, I have learned so much this passed school year. so much, man. This little gal holds a special place in my heart. It'll be tough not seeing her every day.
4. I'm excited for today! Easton's farewell, lots of great people to be around, and then imma come home... and TAKE A NAP.
5. and then, the fun doesn't end! tomorrow is a HOLIDAYYYY!!
6. I actually enjoy weddings when I don't have to take pictures. I'm so happy with this decision I've made, to not ever never do a wedding again. (ok maybe sometime FAR into the future when I'm much better and have a much nicer camera. but only maybe then)
7. I have been the most moody person I know lately. I don't know what is HAPPENIN. oh. end of school year could explain it. and the drama at work. yeah.
8. two weeks till we hit up D TOWNNNN. ah yes. a roadtrip. it's just what I freakin' need.
9. I love my ward. I LOVE where I live. Thanks mom and dad and dana and mark for choosing it ;)
10. ok bye.

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