Here's a secret for you all.
I am incredibly sick of photography. and that is a problem.
It should be something I look forward to doing, right?
WELP. I guess you could say I've been swamped. WAY overdue on a couple shoots, so it's not as enjoyable.
I didn't have any today, and it was pretty much the best feeling in the world.

I truthfully want to shrink my portfolio to strictly babies, kids, families, and couples.
maybe some seniors mixed in there. sure why not?

I'm just in a bad mood. that's all.
if I had energy, I'd clean my room. cause that's what I do when I'm an angry beaver.

I guess I'll settle for watching Bones and maybe going to sleep.
not even my letter box sounds appealing to my mood right now.

happy cinco de mayo. 

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