a great day to be alive

Macey: Holly, are you a grown-up yet?
Me: Yep! why?
Macey: Then why do you still live with your mom and dad?
... ouch.
plus I'm a homebody.
don't worry. I'll move out some day. if my mom lets me... whaterr.

WALE, it was a full day of humans ages 5 and under. quite enjoyable indeed.
I'm pooped.

Oh, and I've decided what to do with my hair. I'm not gonna be all like "YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE!!!! :) :)"
or maybe I willl...
no. nope. I'm going dark.
there I said it.

ALSO. my owie hurts.

okay and guess what?
... I have no more to say

Happy wednesday!

I'm telling you all, I have the recipe for a great day.
and that is... the song... "It's a Great Day to be Alive"
seriously, I played it three times before work and I was in the BEST MOOD all day.
and I still am! Despite the fact that Wednesdays are usually the worst at preschool.
man, it was good!

ok, NOW happy wednesday :)

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