busy as a bee. and a flip book.

Ok, so this week has pretty much been CRAZY, people.
I have been doing nothing but projects.
1. Jessy's room
2. Jill's bridal shower
3. editing photoshoots.

To Jessy... I am so jealous of your room. it's not even funny.
To Jill.. your shower is going to be... LOVELY. delightful. adorable.
To my clients.... I will have your pictures as soon as my little self can get them ready!! life gets crazy!

ok. moving on.
I have decided to take on a new hobby.
after making a flip book for the missionary birthdays, it was just too fun!
for the flip books I obviously just printed out the pictures and you can flip through them... cause that's what you generally do with flip books.. right?
then I realized it's the same as a stop motion. like those cool commercials. (I'm still trying to find my favorite one. I can't remember what it was for!)

SO. Here is the digital version of the flip book I made. just a simple little one.
I'm stoked to get some gals together to do a fun creative one!
that is, when I have a second to breathe :)

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