Things I don't have time for, but things I WILL have time for in a week:

My mom doesn't believe that I'll read The Help. I mean, what the H? I'm not a complete dumb dumb. I can finish a book. and I WILL finish a book! for emily. and for me, cause the movie was prime.
so starting next week, my summer reading list will start.
so far I have:
-The Help
-The Great Gatsby
-To Kill a Mockingbird
-Me and Mrs Kennedy
aaand.. one more. ready go.

I did do a lot over spring break, but GUYS. I have a stack of frames and canvases that need to be dolled up. that will be happening.

Harry Potter Watching
I'm watching the last one right now...I love that Harry. And lately, Bones has been overtaking everything I love. (even though I love Bones. a lot)

FUN Photoshoots.
We're talking prop-filled, whimsical, lovely, creative, exciting photoshoots. not to mention free. (models?) I have a photoshoot bucketlist over on my photography blog, and I'm hoping to cross off at least three this summer!

That's an obvious one. I have many a swell roadtrip planned for the summer!
actually. just one big one. DENVER for my birthday. for the whole weeeeeek. whoot.
Maybe some St George and Vegas sprinkled in there. yeah.

Well, that's all I can muster!
I sincerely wish good luck to all you college students with a buttload of finals... TAKE LUCK.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. HA! I'm making a list sort of like that right now!

  2. Mockingbird = awesome.
    Gatsby = confusing, so spend time with it (I get to read it twice this year, once for American Lit and a second time for American Folk Tales...not that it's really a folk tale...)

    Have you ever read The Thief books by Megan (or is it Susan) Whalen Turner? Super good. You might like them.

  3. i like this list a lot. the photoshoots sounds so fun! i can't wait to see how they turn out!!

    reading wise...the giver is one of my all time favorite books! i highly recommend it.