they're BACK!

for the passed 5 days, it's been just me and Samson.
just us.
in this house. this house that is really average sized, but feels like a mansion when emptied of people (especially at night. Needless to say I slept with my wand by my side and never turned my back to the door.)

and I kind of shudder at the phrase "a dog is a man's best friend"
But people, it's true!
I never thought I'd be THIS person... it's weirdin me out!
anyways. So although Samson is great company, and an even greater guard dog...
I'm SO happy my family is back! and JILL IS HERE TOO!
These were the texts I recieved from her before they arrived :

Spanish Fork!
University Parkway!
Mountain View
Your moms house!

Gotta love sisters.

Luckily one sister still dwelled here in Utah, so I went up and she taught me how to make cute crochet flowers! and ate at Tenneys Pizza. HOLY... just.. go.
we have now named Thursday nights "Sister crochet time"
we're pretty bad A.
I love her!

anyways. Been feelin' crafty. here's some evidence of that.

 yeeeah I don't know what' gonna happen with this!

Free handed y'all. (that's what happens when the keeper of the cricut is out of town) haha

 No wonder he's a people magnet at the park.

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