some announcements. (and opinions needed)

So, since reading back on some summerly posts, I realize how boring I've been lately!
It must be a good-weather thing.
of course, it has been rather lovely outside for the passed week or so!

some announcements:
1. I just ate my last meal. Me and part of the fam are doing the General Motors Diet Program. it's basically a cleanse, but not a nasty nast veggie shake one. The only reason I'm doing this is because my mom's bosses did it, and lost around 10 pounds. ALSO because it's not a nasty nast veggie shake cleanse. I could stand to lose a few pounds, so we'll see how this goes! (oh and because it was tested at Johns Hopkins Research Center. we're safe)
... in case you were wondering what my last meal was... Kneaders. Cream Cheese Brownie included. 

2. My bist frind comes back from the frozen tundra/ farm land of Logan on FRIDAYYYY. holla! I swear. once she's safe and sound, summer is started. OH. and we're redecorating her roooooooom. well, her new room. me and alex and her mom. so there will be many pictures, don't fret.

3. I'm still not used to the fact that girls my age are getting married.

4.  I bought really really really cute mint colored skinny jeans today. The mint trend is one I am not ashamed to be a part of. amen.

5. I'm thinking of... dying my hur. I need opinions.
this is what my hair looks like. that down there.
It was an accidental melt... props to the sister for her accidental skills? hahaha
I've ended up loving it, and I was being accidentally trendy! (the whole "melt" look came into style AFTER my hair warped. btdubs)
but for the summer... I DONT KNOW

We could go back to this... I liked it after a little while. then it just faded to that ^^^
If I went darker, I'd go a little lighter than this.

And then there's the blonde that I've had for many many moons.
(courtesy of Pedro Correa's photo takin' skill)

What the jollyswagman should I do?! 
opinions would be real cool.

Thank you readers, for reading.



  1. personal experience: i was a blonde forever and last summer, went a brownish/reddish colour and i've loved it. the only hitch is that it's hard to go back to being the same colour blonde as i was before. but it's been a good move for me. i think you'd make a sexy brunette :)

  2. i love your accidental melt. if i could pull off a melt and not completely fry my hair off from all the color it has had...i would so do it.

    p.s. you have to let me know how the cleanse diet thingy goes. i could afford to lose a whole lot more than 10 lbs.