Just some pictures I'm rediscovering and loving. 
no particular order, as you can see

 gotta love wedding photobooths. we're original.
 love my m & m. they are getting freakishly too old.

 favorite picture of me & the jessica of all time. good hair day.

 LOVE this picture. the stache adds character.
 future missionary... butts. 

 Seattle Temple'.

 oh our biegnets...

 the ugly one. haaha jk kidding.                                                      I love this! at Jill's wedding

 Gotta love school spirit!
 he was SO LITTLE. I can't handle this!

 Coley Boley boo!!! miss him a lot!

 just your average summer night.

 That girl... love her.


 Deer Crick days

The end!
can you tell what I'm excited for? YEAH.
summer. like everyone else.
with good reason.
happy weekend!

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