ningún momento a esta entrada

Man. I almost feel like a grown up today.
I worked for 6 hours, came home and did math for two hours, then went to class!
then of course I procrastinated for the 4 hours after that, 
but hey! 
a real life college student, I am.

I went to see my dear sister katie in her play at Orem Jr. And I say! I wasn't horrified or nothin'.
It was actually pretty good! 

so tonight, I am taking a huuuge leap of faith in myself.
I'm going... to ... shower in the morning. 
I know right? And hair is too nasty to even put in a bun and a headband. 
no excuses.
It's gonna happen. and for me, this is huge. and seeeeriously not interesting to you readers.

moving on. just kidding, I'm done. I've gotta get back to watching Bones now.
I've been away too long.

Stay golden.

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  1. OH. I did that yesterday. Showered in the morning, I mean. And I know what you sayin.