I was. . .

ok, I think I love my new blog design. I think.
but ya know, that could change at any moment. 

so tonight.
while my family was seeing Wicked without me,
I was eating J Dawgs
I was talking to a tape recorder
I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond
I was buying Peanutbutter CHEERIOS. and eating them. (thank you Carlee for changing my life)
I was listening to a tape of an interview with my AMAZING grandparents from before they died.
most importantly..
Samson does this trick. Well, when he's in a good mood.
you simply tap your chest and say "UP"
and he jumps up on you.
TODAY was the day. he finally did it for me.
and we danced like on Marley and Me. 
I know. 

I would like the world to know my three latest pet peeves:
1. people calling samson "Lassie"... that dumb dog is a GIRL. and samseroni is very much a man dog. (you know who you are)
2. Teeny Boppers. 
3. One-way streets. 

that is all, y'all. 

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