Here I am

So here I am.
Sitting here at work, with Leap Frog playing in the background. (subconsciously quoting along word-for-word)
79 pages into The Help. I can't put it down.
Glancing to make sure the kids aren't killing eachother.
Trying to finish up my English portfolio, which is due tonight, which happens to be my last english class of the year. (HUZZAH)

I have been the busiest human on earth for the passed few days, but it's the good kind of busy.

I stayed with my macey and miles until I had class on Tuesday night, and then again last night for a few hours. But being at the Navasards is just like home, only with two tots running around. needless to say I didn't get a lot of homework done :) worth it!

So when I wasn't babysittin, I was homeworking or class-going. (and obviously toddler wrangling)

The only bad part to my busy self is that I haven't seen my beautiful wonderful Amanda since she got home from choir tour! Our schedules don't mesh well together.

Stupid college. OH. I had a dream... no.. a nightmare, that I went to Dixie. I am just the worst homebody ever.
oh, and thank you butterflies in my belly (I don't know what I was dreaming about) for waking me up this morning, I had Jamba for breakfast.

This post is pointless, and weird.

but CHEERS to summer! (kind of)

Happy Thursday!

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