get in my belly

So, at the end of summer/ beginning of fall... before I got this blessed job, I was bored.
I was bored, going crazy, getting anxious.
I had NOTHING to do. no responsibilities except for photoshoots, but those were scarce.
I was waiting on 3 jobs.
but like I said, bored crazy anxious.
So I decided to learn a little bit more about cooking, of course when I say learn, I mean learn by doing... and eating.
I never took ANY sort of cooking class in school, (unless you count 7th grade TLC. nope.)
So I decided to learn how to make a few pinterest dishes and such to please my future husband, and my current boredom/hunger.

well NOW... I have no time. Well, I guess I do have time, but when I'm not working and homeworking, all I want to do is watch whatever show I'm currently giving my life to, or sleep.

3 more weeks of this school crap. THEN I can do whatever the flap I want after work.
I can actually MAKE some of the delicious confections that appear on my  
"Get in my belly"  pin board.
such as this
and this
and this
oh and this for dessert of course.

I'm putting off homework at this moment, but I'm gonna stop that and get to it!

have a great Tuesday, kids.

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  1. I'm saying "get in my belly" to the babies in heaven. And your food.