well hey. 
So, as I was being an awesome not-girlfriend today, workin' on another little somethin' for some missionary birthdayzzzz, we just dove into a full on photoshoot. 
(I may or may not reveal the wonder and awesomeness of this project at a later time.)
thank you to K dub, she was the main photographer
and to amanda, she was the test model / real model / photobomber. 
 this about sums up our friendship. 


 they are SO talented.

just a peek

aight, I'm out.
have a lovely Wednesday, for the both of us!
I'll be in hell for 6 hours straight. 
peace 'n' blessin's

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  1. Don't be distracting that missionary too much!!! (and don't tell mIcah ever, cause he thinks it's a HUGE sin)