dang tape recorder

Here's a question..
What ever happened to these babies?
Seriously though, they aren't just for music, man.
I haven't heard of someone sending a missionary one of these since my sister was my age.
WHY? It's brilliant.

Today, I have gone to great lengths to track down a bloody hand-held tape recorder.
Walmart, DI, Best Buy, Staples, Office Max.
They had em, but they were all flapping expensive.
So I settled for a cheap-ish one on Amazon. 3-5 business days.

Why? WHY are you going to these lengths for a freakin' tape?
because of this man

Got that right. the one on the right.
I just have a thing for short mexican with bodacious mustaches. k?

ha.no. no no no.
the stud on the left. (but I have heard great things about the man on the right, soo...)
IT's his birthday in just under a month, andddd
seeing as he is possibly the sweetest human being I have ever met aaand he is my best friend.
I will be sending him a Tape with my voice.
my angelic little voice. saying random things, and maybe adding some songs in there.
anything is possible. (that song thing was a joke. b t dubs)
and I'm also gonna make a few people... ok just hannah say happy birthday on it.

Jill did this all the time in high school, and she said she would just keep the recorder in her car and talk on it when she was driving.
I think it sounds swell.

That, my friends, is why I went to these great lengths.

and in case you were wondering, he ain't my boyfriend.
I pinky swear.

and that's all I have to say about that

ALSO. a few other notes.
1. I have told myself 3 days this week, "I am going to work on my paper today" and do I? no. have I started? no.
2. I understand what it's like for a parent to see their kids be too cool for them. My favorite student used to love me and only me, but now he has friends. PFF. whatever. who needs him.
3. ummm.... I think that's all.

Have a happy friday, kids!

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