I cracked.
You know how I hate bandwagons and when everyone has the same facebook status about the same thing?
it's a pet peeve. 
(oh, one-way streets are also my petpeeve)
anywho. the latest talk of the town (literally. and talk of the radio, too) is City Creek.
and I went.
I DOOOO admit, it is fantastic, and I'm not even a huge crazy shopper.
people, don't be like me. give it a chance! Although lots of the stores were ritzy and humanly unaffordable to this girl, it was marvelous.
so yeah...
that's what I did today.

So yeah, just been hangin out with my dog and watching Bones. and writing the boy.
I don't really have a lot of thoughts in my head right now, surprising right?!
I could be working on my English paper. 
that's due tomorrow.
that I have 1 paragraph written so far for.

OR I could be editing the pictures of my sweet Savannah.
 I'll be blogging about her later.
I love her a lot. 
I'm going tot he whiteheads now!

make good choices!


  1. holly you seriously kill me. the end of this? "make good choices" HAHA i freakin love it. too good. you're sincerely clever and witty and most of us aren't and theres not a whole lot we can do about it. you're just great.

    p.s. i told you. they're LIFECHANGING.

  2. Carlee Ellen Badger! that is the nicest comment ever. thank you so much! that made my day!