Bless you, spring time.

good gravy, I love this weather.
Ok actually, I really only LOVE it when it hits about 5 o'clock
know why? KNOW WHY?
cause of the neighborly visits. having a dog to walk definitely helps with that.
I love the neighbor visits to their lawns, and them to ours.
I love reading on a blanket on the front lawn, by the LOVELY lilac tree. It's like I'm sitting in heaven.

I also love buying hideous gumbi-colored (and shaped) flair jeans from Old Navy, and turning them into freakin' adorrrable shorts. 
yes I do.
12 dolla. 

I ALSO love emails, after long waits. 

I don't love work, but that's ok. only about ehh.. SIX WEEKS LEFT. 
I can do it. 

Well, since I resemble a smelly tramp (only a few lucky ones will get why I just said that)
I'm off to clean up and head to bed!

Bless you, Spring time. bless you.

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