bless his heart

it's been an intersting weekend to say the least.
yesterday my brother in law was arrested, for shooting bambi. oorrrr... bambi's cousin.
our whole house has been laughing for 24 hours.
haha don't worry, he's out now. after a hefty bail.
bless his heart.

I love Sundays. no responsibility and just family all day.
oh, and I was on unofficial Miles duty in nursery.
quite the work out! I love his stinkin cute face.
and his energetic little spirit.
bless his heart.

I am reading The Help, and boy oh BOY. I love it.
I cannot put it down. I am not a huge reader...
but really. I'm halfway through and I only started on sunday!
that's big for me.
I want to marry a man just like Johny Foote. he's such a small part, but holy canoly is he a swell guy.
Bless his heart.

ha, this is a weird theme for this post.
it's whatevs.

Oh, and may I just say. Not only did I luck out with a rockin' family, but I lucked OUT with a rockin' neighborhood too.
Mother always say "It takes a village to raise a child" and man, it's true.
On our walk tonight we stopped 4 times, talking to neighbors. and when we were sitting on our porch two families came  to US!
Love it. love da hood.

Happy sunday.

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