what's another word for random?

So sometimes there are just too many thoughts going through my head to muster an orginization in a blog post... and that is where we come to me, Holly, saying things. random things.
I'll come up with a better name for it later.

eh hem.

1. I have a pinched nerve or SOMETHING in my lower back, and it hurts like the dickens. can't walk without looking like a 98 year old. and there are only two positions that I am able to lay in without it feeling like someone's stabbing a needle...or knife into my spine.
2. Yesterday our preschool played host to the most attractive substitute teacher we have ever had, or will ever have. I'm not exaggerating when I say he looks like a hollister model, and smells like I imagine a hollister model smells like.
3. Can we say CHEERS to conference weekend? aka Jammie weekend? seriously.
4. Due to stupid math class, I might not be able to go to Denver with my family in a week. to see Wicked. heartbreaking, I know.
5. shout out to my sister JILLIAN CLAIRE. It's her birthday today! big 24!
6. Saturday still can't come faster. and if the mailman disappoints, then NEXT saturday can't come faster.
7. Since A: I needed a new show to watch B: quite a few of my best friends watch it C: I love the Deschanel sisters, I have hopped on the Bones bandwagon (wait, that's not a bandwagon is it?) and I muuuust say, I'm quite enjoying it!
8. Along with saturday, Summer couldn't come faster either. both of you hurry your buns up.
9. I got an A on my english paper. AN A. do you people realize what this means? it means I got an A on my english paper.
10. and one more thing so that this isn't left at the awkward number of 9, I'm craving chinese food. so I'm off to panda.

Stay excellent.

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  1. i remember when your mom and dad surprised you and took you to denver to see wicked. and i was so very jealous.

    ...yeaahhh...still haven't seen it. :(