Target and I are going through an awkward phase right now.
You know, because of the remodel and all.

Not everyone has a relationship with Target quite like the people in the P 6 hood.
It used to be an Orchard, not that I remember.
Then they made it Target, and we had a new "hang out"
Here are just a FEW memories:
walking there.
biking there
scootering there
hopping the wall to get there
buying slushies cause that's all I could really afford
sitting on the patio furnature cause we thought we were PRETTY cool Jr. Highers.
hanging out at target cause my parents weren't home and we had boys and girls. HA.
bike horns. (you know who you are. I hope you're reading this)
holding hands with my best-man-friend on a bet that I never got kneaders for
longboarding there and seeing how far we could ride the longboard without chickening out (in the store)
heck, just last week jessy rode a toddler scooter through target.
I go there to get lunch about once a week

It has everything, you see. EVERYTHING. and going there often makes you hate walmart even more than you probably already did.
It's classy.
Whenever I go out of town, I always end up buying the most crap at.. Target.
I could never live in Logan, cause it doesn't have a Target.

On average, I probably go to Target ehh... 4 times a week.
Sad but true.

BUT NOW.... I'm a little bit scared of it.
They say change is good.. buuut I'm not so sure, people.
All those huge scary big red walls intimidate me now.
I get lost looking for the shoes.

I do not like it.
and that is why... I have to face my fear.
I'm off to Target to buy bobby pins, and walk around a little bit.

I hope no one took the level of drama in this post seriously... but you could safely call it an obsession.



  1. dear holly, I love ya!!!!! i agree with the target stress... i may not have quite the relationship that you do, but i do have a growing love and feel very stressed and burdened by the change...

  2. What?? Remodel?? THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!!!

  3. I LOVE YOU BOTH. like, to infinity and beyond.
    kelli... you know the Target on that one modern family? super nice and fancy? that'll be ours in just a few months... or something.
    It's heart breaking and wonderful all at the same time.

  4. oh my lanta. i love target too. grrrr remodeling. ha

  5. My fave memory (and most terrifying) was when Alex and I (mostly me) couldn't hop the wall and almost got raped by those weirdo biker guys...