Sometimes. I go to write my english paper, and get really distracted.
First Hannah basically kidnapped me. but it was like, the best kidnapping ever.
THEN. I got distracted with the newly found art of morphing faces together to make a baby. (reassurance of who I should marry. what?)
Thirdly it was facebook. just... facebook.
So what did I do? I logged out of facebook. it actually kind of helped, and I didn't even change my password to a ridiculously long sentence.
But that didn't actually help, cause my eyes wandered over to the box of missionary letters. and we all know what happened from there.
oh, and now look! I'm blogging!
this is problematic.
If I could get like, 3 paragraphs written, I'd feel ok with going to bed. or ya know... watching a show.
the only window open will be pandora.
Honestly, if I could listen to the dazzling voices of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald for the rest of my life, I'd be the happiest. OH WAIT. I can.
I want to meet her.
Current obsession, yes it is.
ok. I'm off to probably write my paper, but then again, I only read like, 3 letters out of a bagillion in that box. sooo....

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