parenthesis.. a lot

This morning I woke up, feeling like... uh.. hell?
It could have been worse, it really could have been.
I could have had some kind of flu and fever.
But my head was pounding, I had been breathing through my mouth for the past 8 hours, unconcious.
you do the math.
When I called in to get a sub for the afternoon, the lady so kindly said, "You sound horrible, by the way". oh good, it wasn't just in my head! (no really though. I was sounding sarcastic just barely but I was serious.)

So I was like, "um... this is a good opportunity to watch a movie I've never seen. cause I have no desire to be on the computer anyMO" (if you know me, you know I can't JUST watch a movie. I have to be doing something. aka editing, crocheting, pinteresting, blah)
so I started up Catch Me if You Can. HOLY GREAT, guys. I can't believe I've gone this long without watching that!
d-d-definitely one of DeCaprio's better movies. what a man.
um... so I sat in my room, doing homework and watching that for about 3 hours.
then a little bird (she might as well be a bird. hahahahahahahehehe) told me how beautiful it was outside.
AND THAT BIRD WAS RIGHT! it was a marvelous day. warm, sunny, and apparently it smelled like summer (I wouldn't know.)
I had a blanket over my window to block the light (I know what you're thinking. don't go there)
but then... I was like, Just look what I've been missing!
oh but then i was still feeling to crappy cranky stuffy and tired to stay outside for more than 10 seconds.

THIS. is dragging on, I would say.
in case you are tempted to click on "playlist"... don't... cause although I still love those songs on that there playlist, if I had my way (which I do, I'm just too lazy) it would be MUCH different, and much more classic. (not classical music. just the good oldies and jazz. as well as some normals mixed in)

this blog post has a plethera of parenthesis. what the what?

Nothing exciting to say, I'm afraid.
oh except I'm going to Logan for the little brother's swim meet this weekend!
and then the NEXT weekend I'm going to D TOWN!! DENVER!! THE MILE HIGH CITAYY!

I'm done.
I'm sorry you had to go through that, if you actually made it passed "uh... hell?"

have some nice moments today, or tonight!....
ok bye
OH. another thing. I think I'm gonna just put a random picture at the end of every blog post...
just cause I'm sick of my face as the thumbnail when I post the link to facebook.

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