Never wanna LEAVE

I desperately don't want to leave this place.
Zero responsibility, no snow, fun things to do.
I have absolutely loved, and needed this vacation.

Antique row was a ginormous disappointment, people. There were about 10 shops, and only 3 were open. and those three were a littttle bit... crappy.
Utah antique stores >>>>> Denver antique stores
just sayin'
But today was still fun! we explored the mall in downtown, and then got to the "Molly Brown House and Museum", to find that IT TOO was closed.
We're going tomorrow. I'm just a little bit stoked. (nerd)
 OH. I just experienced Buffalo Wild Wings. and um... it, like American Girl Place, was everything I dreamed it would be. I could never ever ever ever never ever be a vegetarian. NEVER. I don't understand those people.
Tomorrow we're gonna act like I'm not leaving, and just have a fun day. and then we'll casually drive to the airport and I'll get out and most-likely get lost trying to find my flight. (I'm freaking out here, people. never flown alone)
and then! I'll magically appear in a frozen tundra
I never want to leave. NEVER.
Good thing I'm coming back with the family in three weeks!
for this purpose
it's ok guys, you can be jealous right now if the emotion comes to you, which if you are normal, it will.
I tried to make allen cookies last night, which was an EPIC fail. (cause according to mummsy, "blue bonnet has nothing to do with butter". hahaha) they came out looking like divinity, when they should have looked like... double chocolate cookies. and they should have tasted like heaven, but instead they tasted like hardened coco powder and flour.
So I bought him 5 huge cookies from Panera (the colorado form of kneaders. I know, right? no kneaders? cray cray) ok I miss him whatever, ok? OK? shut up. (I need to be more open with my emotions, apparently. we're working on that. we meaning me and jessy. hahahaha)
oh, in case you were  wondering, this man I'm speaking of is my best friend. he's in the colorado springs mission, buuuut he's in kansas right now. poopy.
I've already dedicated a whole post to him, so lets not go further.


happy... Tuesday?
yeah! happy tuesday!

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